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Congratulations and Thank you to all the skaters who participated in our first DEI Lap-A-Thon

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 TAKE      A        LAP                  

FEBRUARY 13 - MARCH 6, 2022

Southern California Interclub DEI Committee

2022 Take-A-Lap

February 13-March 6, 2022

This is the Committee's first fundraiser, and will take place across Southern California ice rinks.

This event is meant to celebrate diversity in the Southern California figure skating community and to promote the spirit of the Olympic season.

Open to all Skaters, of all levels,
all over Southern California

Thank You!
How to participate

Skaters throughout the Region will skate laps in exchange for pledged donations of $1 minimum per skating lap or at a flat donation.

We are accepting donations via GoFundMe, of which 100% will be tax-deductible, and will go to funding our DEI skating programs, scholarships, and educational opportunities.


Please use this Pledge Form to participate.

And for skaters who would like to join in some fun competition, they can enter their information about their Lap-A-Thon results via this Google link:


Our DEI committee would like to publicly acknowledge and thank member clubs, teams, and ice rinks who were active participants in our first-ever Lap-A-Thon fundraiser!

Thank you for setting a standard of UNITY for our Southern California skating culture! With your help, we raised $4k+!

*********Funds which will go directly towards DEI efforts!**********

All Year FSC

Culver Ice Productions

Figure Skating Club of Southern California

Glacier Falls

Los Angeles Figure Skating Club

Paramount Iceland

Pasadena Figure Skating Club

Pasadena Ice Skating Center

Rose City Crystals

The Rinks -


Yorba Linda

The Skating Edge Ice Arena

Congratulations to our winner, Amai Troutman for most funds raised!!


Amai receiving her Lap-A-Thon Challenge award at the 2022 SoCal Interclub Championships!

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