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The Southern California Interclub Association of Figure Skating Clubs is proud to announce the formation of its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee.


Throughout the years, the association has seen the best from many diverse communities and backgrounds.


The SoCal Interclub DEI Committee is composed of seven committee members, who have stepped forward to further our efforts to honor, respect, and promote the rich diversity that our figure skating community brings to Southern California.

Starr Andrews is a member of Team USA and based in Los Angeles.
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The DEI Committee is committed to ensuring representation of and support for underrepresented community members based on race, ethnicity, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, and veteran status in the sport of figure skating throughout Southern California and beyond.


Ushering in a new beginning for our sport, the DEI Committee will support programs designed to benefit members of the Interclub Association.  Further, the Committee will encourage implementation of programs that align with DEI values.


Please consider donating to help us to continue to build a vibrant, diverse community in skating.

Thank You!

So-Cal Interclub DEI Committee would like to thank the Pasadena FSC Junior Board for their recent skate donation!

 Please write us a brief e-mail regarding your need for a pair of pre-owned skates and the committee will be happy to review your request.         

Skates Available:

  • Riedell W-12 JS skates with Sheffield Steel MK Blade 10T 7 2/3'' 

  • Riedell Red Wing Minn M-1 OI skates with Sheffield Steel MK Blade BS 1OU 8 1/4'' 

  • Jackson Cuir Leather Skates Size 2 with Jackson Sheffield Steel MK Mark V Blades B10 8' 

  • Jackson Cuir Leather Skates Size 13.5 B with Jackson Sheffield Steel MK Mark IV Blades CCIO6V 7 1/2''

  • Lange Carina Skates Size 8.5 with ICM Astra Blades 10' 

  • Harlick 8AN Skates with John Wilson NNTTI Blades 8 3/4'' 

  • Riedell Red Wing Minn M13-RP Skates with Jackson Mark V Blades 8' 

  • Finesse CCM Skates Size 2 with SLM Blades 8.5 

  • Riedell Black 7M IR Skates with John Wilson Coronation Ace Blades MGGHA 10 1/4'' 

  • Harlick 8AN Skates with John Wilson HPIHJ Blades 10 1/2'' 

  • SP Teri Super Teri Deluxe 5B Skates with Protege Ultima Blades 9 1/2'' 

  • SP Teri 6AA Skates with Matrix 2 Elite Blade 9'' 

  • SP Teri 5A Skates with Sheffield Steel MK LBIO4V Blade 8 1/2'' 

From all of us proud to serve on the DEI Committee, we thank you for your support during this time of growth, development, and expansion.

We are honored to list the committee members that will represent each and every one of us and advance DEI best practices in the Association.



Miriam Gelfand

Lexie Hernandez

Luis Hernandez

Ouida Robins 

La Rhonda Scott

William Tran

To contact the Committee, please send an e-mail to

For more information about USFS policy on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, click here.