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Have questions about the NQS? Wondering what the program requirements are for your competition level? 

This page has some quick and easy links to information that every parent and skater wants to get to. 

We also include links directly to the USFS web pages if you really want to geek out and read small print.

BUT FIRST, a tale of two buttons...


EMS is the official USFSA competition site. If you are competing in an NQS competition, you must use the EMS system to enter that competition.


For non-NQS competitions, most events will use the Entryeeze system.


Beginning with the 2019-20 competitive season, USFS instituted a new competitive pipeline for singles, pairs and dance athletes focused on the vision:


Identify. Develop. Promote.

CLICK HERE to read about the NQS and qualifying competitions on the USFSA website.

CLICK ON A BUTTON BELOW to see a presentation about the NQS and competition pipeline.


CLICK ON A BUTTON to link to this season's program requirements. We will update this information as new technical information is released.

CLICK HERE to go to the USFSA Rulebook.

Excel Competition Series dates:   January 15, 2021 to July 4, 2021

This is the inaugural year of the program and is open to individual skaters within the Eastern, Midwestern and Pacific Coast Sections.


Skaters will compete to qualify for the National Festival to be held in August of 2021 at the OBM Arena in Strongsville, Ohio.


Registration is now open for the Excel National Festival! Click HERE to access registration! Note that skaters must first sign in to Members Only using their U.S Figure Skating/Learn to Skate USA number and password and will then be redirected to the competition registration page.


CLICK ON A BUTTON to learn about EXCEL Series requirements.

CLICK HERE for the US Figure Skating page on the EXCEL Series.

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