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What is the Invitational Series?

The SCICA Invitational Series is comprised of a series of events open to standard track singles skaters from Pre-Preliminary through Senior, Adult singles and pairs (Bronze – Gold, Masters), Juvenile through Senior pairs (at discretion of the Board), and Juvenile through Senior partnered free dance (at discretion of the Board).  The series culminates with the Invitational Series Final. 

*NEW* this year! Excel Pre-Preliminary through Excel Senior events are included in the Invitational Series!

Skaters accumulate points based on their standings in each event. Points from their top 3 events are added together, and the top 15 skaters in each division will be invited to the Series Final in September. 

harris with trophy

harris with trophy

pairs with trophy

pairs with trophy











adult bronze podium

adult bronze podium

The 2023 Invitational Series Final results.
2023 Champions Class Photo.

Honor Roll of Champions
Interclub Invitational Series Rules
2024  13th Annual Southern California Interclub Invitational Series


Qualifying events: All open competitions hosted by Southern California Interclub Association member clubs between October 1, 2023 and September 15, 2024. Divisions included are:

  • Pre-Preliminary through Senior Freeskate events

  • Adult singles (Bronze – Gold, Masters) *

  • Excel Pre-Preliminary through Senior Freeskate events


 *Adult skaters will be combined by level (no separate age divisions). Masters divisions will be Int/Nov and Jr/Sr.


Initial rounds only will be used for points in competitions with a final round. If short programs and freeskating are separate events, only freeskating events will be used in determining the skater's score. In combined events, the combined result will be used. Should a skater compete in the short program but does not complete the freeskating portion of combined events, no points will be earned. The number of skaters in any event will be the number of skaters with a final placement.

Point system:

Points are calculated by adding the placement bonus to the total number of skaters in each event, with 1 being subtracted from the total number of skaters for each lower placement.


Example - 14 skaters in the event:


1   50 + 14 = 64

2   45 + 13 = 58

3   40 + 12 = 52

4   35 + 11 = 46

5   30 + 10 = 40

6   25 + 9 = 34

7   20 + 8 = 28

8   15 + 7 = 22

9   10 + 6 = 16

10   5 + 5 = 10

11   0 + 4 = 4

12   0 + 3 = 3

13   0 + 2 = 2

14   0 + 1 = 1


Skaters who compete in different divisions during the season will not carry points from one division to another. Please keep in mind that if you are in the NQS and compete at a NQS event in one level, you may no longer “go back” and skate at a lower level.

Singles events: Skaters shall compete in at least 3 events to qualify. Top 3 scoring events will be considered if skater competes in more than 3 events. The top 15 skaters in each division will be invited to the Invitational Series Final. If there are ties at 15th place, all tied skaters will be invited. If 15 skaters do not qualify with 3 events, skaters with 2 events will be invited next (minimum of 2 events to qualify).


Pairs and Dance events:


Pairs and Dance couples must submit a request to the Chair of the Interclub Board of Directors to participate in the Series Final no later than July 31.  While this submission is a prerequisite, making a submission does not guarantee that the Board will offer any Pairs and/or Dance events at the Series Final.  The Board has sole and final discretion as to whether it is feasible to offer Pairs and/or Dance events at the Series Final.


Additional entries may be invited at the option of the Interclub Association. Such entries may include current National Medalists or other high-level skaters presently training in the local area.


Invitations will be sent after Golden West to the top qualifiers. Skaters have until the Friday following to enter (via EntryEeze). Skaters in competitions after Golden West (Pasadena Open) who earn a score equal or higher than a 15th place qualifier will be invited as a 'wild card' entry. These entries will not affect the invitation to skaters previously invited. Those skaters will have until the Tuesday following to enter.


Current standings will be posted on the Southern California Interclub website and updated as soon as possible after each event.




The Southern California Interclub Invitational Series Final will be held on September 28 and 29, 2024, at Paramount Iceland. All events will be judged IJS; there will be live scoring and a "Kiss and Cry" area for the skaters to await their results. 
2023 SCICA Invitational Series Champions

Photo credit:  Cynthia Slawter Photography

The Kennard Taylor Award 

The Kennard Taylor Award is given each year for the Most Outstanding Performance at the Southern California InterClub Association Invitational Series. This year's recipient is Rachel Samiri, All Year FSC. Photo: Cynthia Slawter Photography

samiri - kennard_edited.jpg

Rachel Samiri  All Year FSC 

Juvenile Girls

2018 Champ photo
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